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Trish Dent

Saturday, 27 May 2023

Sailing travels

 We departed milford haven last Saturday,  arriving Scilly Isles Sunday. Great sail, dolphins came to say hello and play on the bow-wave. By night, the heavens filled with stars and phosphorescent lit our wake. 

Scillys are beautiful and we moored between Tresco and Bryher. That's my brother's vancouver 28 we're sailing on. Most of these pix are Tresco Abbey Gardens,  plants on steroids!

Friday, 3 February 2023

Why Fermented Foods are so important

Did you know, that the are many times more cells of bacteria, fungi and other mirco-organisms both on and inside each of us than there are of our own cells? You're more than merely human!

An exciting new area of research has opened up recently, as scientists try to find out how we interact with these organisms and what they do, both for us and, some, against us.

Probiotic bacteria Lactobacillus stock photoMany of these micro-organisms reside in our gut, where they help make important vitamins and hormones, including feel-good serotonin. In short, keeping our gut bacteria happy keeps us and our bodies happy, as these hormones affect mood, how well we sleep and many other lifestyle factors.

During my Workshops I'll tell you more about how the bacteria produced during fermentation can help your overall wellbeing, for the better. I'll be offering a wide range of fermented vegetables to try, as well as milk kefir, homemade nut and milk cheeses, beetroot kvass and Natto, fermented soya beans that give you a vitamin K2 hit, and help prevent blood clotting. I show you how to make these foods and you get to make your own ferment to take home. Further information on my Fermenting Workshops page. Anyone who's attended one of my Fermentation Workshops is welcome to attend at half price.

If you'd like to hear a little more of what I do, register for a Free webinar afternoon this Sunday (5th February) with Whole Health Macrobiotic Forum where I'll be demonstrating and talking at 5pm.

Monday, 2 January 2023

Exercise Classes for 2023


 My Yoga and Stretch & Strengthen classes at The Cut in Halesworth start again next week.

Join us to help support your new or continuing regime!

Details on my Exercises page

Thursday, 1 December 2022

A present with no harm to the planet

My Gift Vouchers are valid for either my Exercise Classes or Shiatsu and other Massages that I offer. They have almost zero carbon footprint, so you feel good about the planet, while your voucher recipient feels wonderful too!

Available from £10 upwards.

email me to purchase.

My Exercise Classes run at The Cut, Halesworth and Westleton village hall.

Massage and Shiatsu treatments at my studio in Spexhall

Wednesday, 17 August 2022

Early Bird Discount for Fermentation Workshop

I'm offering an Early Bird price of £85 for limited spaces on my Fermentation Workshop on 8th October. This offer is valid for bookings and payments made before 9th September. 

If you've attended this course before you'll really enjoy coming again for half price (£48)

Even Happier fermenting!


Exercise Classes begin September

Catch This:

My Yoga for All and Stretch & Strengthen Classes will be coming back to life at the beginning of
September at The Cut.

Yoga for All

Tuesdays 11.30am to 12.30pm

starting 6th September


Stretch & Strengthen

Thursdays 5pm to 6pm

starting 8th September


My Chair Yoga classes will be starting Wednesday 7th September at Westleton Village Hall

Go to my Exercise Page for details. Book with me by emailing or phone 07530 699985

Saturday, 25 June 2022

Fermentation Workshop

I've just fixed the date for my Autumn Wild Fermentation Workshop. It's Saturday 8th October at Spexhall Village Hall, it's near Halesworth, Suffolk.
I'll be showing you how to ferment vegetables successfully, with tasters of a range of fermented vegetables. Also kefir, kefir cheese and nut cheese, enlivening fermented winter drinks. You'll have a chance to make your own vegetable ferment.
It's a morning not to be missed.
Go to my Fermentation Workshop page for details.

Monday, 7 February 2022

Boost your immune health with homemade sauerkraut


When we eat unpasteurised, freshly fermented vegetables, such as sauerkraut and kimchi, we are giving our immune system as well as our gut a big health boost.

Sauerkraut contains numerous species of Lactobacillus, and more recently it's been discovered that it also contains species of Weissella alongside other beneficial bacteria. Recent research confirms that many of these bacteria are of particular benefit to our gut health and to strengthening our immune system.

The prebiotic inulin, found in onions, garlic, bananas, Jerusalem artichokes, chicory, is also a perfect booster for gut and immune health. Prebiotics are the food of our good gut bacteria.

Making your own sauerkraut, fermented kale, sprouts and other vegetable ferments is easy when you understand how.  Come to my online Workshop this Saturday (also available as a recording). Details on my Fermentation page

Friday, 17 December 2021

Season's Greetings and a Happy, Healthy New Year


It's a good time to slow down, take stock and re-charge from within.

The New Year brings new exercise classes, a Winter-warming ginger compress and an online Fermentation Workshop. Click on the page links for more details. Contact me to book via email or phone 07530 699985.

Wednesday, 24 November 2021

Brushing up well

Here’s a health tip that costs no more than the investment in a natural bristle brush and a few minutes each day.  Body brushing is a straightforward technique to gently aid the natural processes of your own body, with great health benefits. 

It helps to:

  • Remove the top layer of skin that holds some acidity and toxins.
  • Move lymph through the whole body, aiding with removal of toxins.
  • Stimulate and improve the circulation
  • Stimulates the skin, helping it to eliminate wastes also.

Avoid brushing varicose veins, rashes or open wounds.

If you are constipated, address this problem before working with skin brushing as mucus and toxins will be released into the bowel after using this technique.  Better to wait until constipation has eased.

First buy a natural bristle brush, preferably with a handle, so you can reach your back.  Do not use the brush for other purposes, or get it wet.

This technique is best done first thing in the morning, before showering or washing. Use the brush dry and work with the skin dry.

Brush the skin as vigorously as is comfortable with the brush, working from the extremities towards the heart all the time. Begin with the feet, then your legs. Work hands, then arms. Finally brush your body, working all the time towards your heart.

Pay particular attention to hands and feet, but include all parts of your body, excepting your face and any other delicate areas.

Spend 2-3 minutes on this technique daily and you will be rewarded with glowing healthy skin, improved circulation and a wide-awake approach to your day.

Thursday, 28 October 2021

Hyopopressives at Science Cafe at The Cut

 Today, 7pm to 9pm at The Cut in Halesworth, Alice Housman will talk about Hypopressive exercises for pelvic floor and other health issues.  I attended Hypopressive classes online during first lockdown with Abby Lord and found it excellent. Give it a go!

Science Cafe at The Cut is £5, book online or at the door

Friday, 15 October 2021

New Stretch & Strengthen Classes at The Cut

 My Thursday evening Stretch & Strengthen classes are becoming so popular that I've decided to add another class in to accommodate everyone. The new classes, aimed more for beginners and those wishing to start exercising with us, will run 4.15 - 5.15pm, while my regular ongoing classes will continue to start at 5.30pm. Note there is a maximum class size of 10, allowing for plenty of social distancing. Contact me to book your space via email or mobile 07530 699985.

Note that Online classes via Zoom will continue also.

Look forward to seeing you all on the mat at the beginning of November!