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Trish Dent

Friday 20 October 2023

What's stopping you from exercising?

We all know how much good exercising is for us, be it a good walk, cycle ride, gym or class
session. Yet, so many of us don't do enough exercise. How much is enough? What exercise should I be doing? Am I too old? What difference does it make? What are the barriers that prevent us from exercising more? How can we overcome those barriers?

Well, I was inspired by two things this week: a Radio 4 programme, called Inside Health, that was on air as I drove back from teaching a Chair Yoga class in Westleton; and, the very next day, at the end of my Strengthen class, a mature participant exclaiming how she had re-discovered the joys of walking after joining the local ramblers group. 

Have a listen to the programme, link below, it's worth it. Then consider the barriers that are preventing you from exercising more and how you can overcome them.

It's never too late (and you're never too old) to join one of my classes. Go to the Exercise page on this blog to find out more about the classes I teach. If you'd like to have a 15 minute call with me, we can discuss how you may move forward. Contact me by email to book your call

Inside Health - What's stopping us from exercising in older age? - BBC Sounds