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Trish Dent

Cooking & Fermentation Workshops

Workshops 2022

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Wild about Fermentation LIVE Workshop
Saturday 8th October 2022
10am to 1pm
Venue: Spexhall Village Hall, near Halesworth, Suffolk IP19 0RQ

Many of us have heard the news that fermented foods are rich in bacteria that benefit our guts and are often rich in enzymes and vitamins too.   
In this workshop:
  • ·        I’ll share the benefits of culturing and consuming good bacteria
  • ·        The do’s and don’ts of making vegetable ferments safely  
  •       You get to taste a range of my homemade fermented foods, including kimchi, sauerkraut, cauliflower and beetroot ferments and drinks
  • ·        You’ll make your own vegetable ferment to take home
  • ·        Making Natto, rich in vitamin K2, essential for calcium uptake into bones, healthy blood vessels and lungs in the fight against covid-19 (see recent Guardian article). Also rich in PQQ, which boosts mitochondrial health, you cells' power houses.
I’ll also show you how to make wonderful healing drinks: beetroot kvass, packed with vitamins and beneficial bacteria; and kefir, made from local raw milk or coconut milk, kefir cheese and a nut cheese. Full notes provided.
This is a hands-on workshop with demonstrations and discussion.
 Cost £95

To register, contact Trish on 07530 699985 or email