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Trish Dent

Ayurvedic Marma Massage

Marmas are the energetic cross-roads of the body, meeting points of different types of tissue, such as muscle and tendon, tendon and bone. Ayurvedic Marma Massage is an excellent way to work on these pressure points, stimulating that subtle energy that runs through meridians and balancing the chakras (energy centres).
As well as mental and emotional release, Ayurvedic massage helps toxins to move out of the body and, in reducing stress and fatigue, will help slow the ageing process.
During your treatment I will massage you from your head to your toes, using oils that I will have mixed after determining your dosha (body type) beforehand. The base oil I work with is usually sesame oil, which helps the essential oils to penetrate deeply, warming your body to aid relaxation and the release of toxins, all the while moisturizing your skin in the process.
This massage technique is unique. The use of rapid repetitive strokes, in combination with the penetrating and healing properties of sesame oil, warm and soothe your muscles, stimulating deep relaxation. Expect to do nothing for the rest of the day!
This luxurious treatment will take 1¾ hours.
Shorter -hour treatments can also be arranged and may be appropriate if you would like to focus on a specific area, eg your back or neck and shoulders.
I practice from Lark Studio in Spexhall (Halesworth), at the Natural Health Centre in Woodbridge and also at the Manor House Practice in Beccles.