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Trish Dent

Exercise and Stretch Classes

Shiatsu Stretch and Exercise Classes
The venue for this class is the beautifully refurbished Theberton Village Hall. 
Winter/Spring Classes start Thursday 11 January 2018.

"Shiatsu Stretch" is a system of gentle stretching exercises, combined with relaxation. Included in the classes are “meridian” stretches to activate your Ki or chi energy, location and use of acupressure points, back exercises, joint mobilisation exercises, strengthening exercises, “Do-in”, breathing, occasional Yoga exercises, relaxation and visualisation techniques.
this class will help you:
* Improve your body awareness, coordination, balance and flexibility
* Improve your general sense of well being
* Learn to breathe more fully
* Learn how to relax
* Learn techniques to improve the quality of your lifestyle

Suitable for all ages and abilities

During these exercise sessions we will gently explore stretches and other self-help exercises that enhance your health and well-being that you can incorporate into your daily life. “Memory reminder” handouts will aid your continuing the good work at home.
Venue:Theberton Village Hall
Beginning Thursday 11th January 2018
10am to 11.15am

Personalised exercise sessions and regimes, including one-to-one and small group Yoga, are available at my Spexhall studio.

To book a place, or for queries email me

Please wear loose-fitting clothing and bring a mat, a blanket and a small cushion or yoga block to the classes.
Note that I sell mats and blocks at unbeatable prices if you wish to purchase any.

What participants say about my classes:
"Thank you for introducing me to a gentler way of exercising. Your classes helped me to relax and opened my mind to other possibilities"....

"...my centre of anxiety is calm...."