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Trish Dent

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu and Do-in Workshop
Sunday 12th July 10am - 4pm  East London

A lively one-day workshop led by experienced international teacher and practitioner Maria Serrano. We'll being the day with Do-in and introductory exercises before learning a basic massage routine, pressure and joint mobilisation techniques and tips.  Contact Trish for further details.

What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is a form of natural healing massage that uses pressure and touch, and stretching and joint mobilisation techniques. It is based on the same ‘meridians’ and pressure points used in acupuncture. The treatment works with the body’s own subtle energy, called chi or ki, to restore its natural balance, increasing vitality and stimulating the body’s own natural healing abilities. Clients remain clothed throughout the treatment.
Shiatsu works to restore health and well-being from within, allows you to relax deeply and may help to resolve health problems. People come to me for many reasons: sometimes they want to find a way to de-stress or they may be seeking help for a specific issue, such as headaches, neck and shoulder and back pain, joint pain, digestive, menstrual and fertility problems, sleep problems, depression and fatigue.

What to expect

You will remain fully clothed during your treatment which will generally fit into a 1-hour time slot. Wear loose-fitting clothing: track trousers and a loose top are ideal, and natural fibres are preferable. Please refrain from wearing perfume and avoid eating a heavy meal or stimulants such as tea, coffee or alcohol before a treatment.

During your Shiatsu treatment, I will work with you sitting in a chair, and/or on a massage table. I will offer some dietary advice or simple stretches to do at home if I feel this may be of benefit to you.

Some individuals benefit greatly from just one treatment; however, further treatment is usually advised if you wish to address a specific health problem. People also choose to have regular Shiatsu treatments for relaxation and preventative maintenance.

Shiatsu is compatible with other natural healing therapies and with orthodox medicine.

First Appointment 1¼ hours
Follow-up appointments 1 hour

Also Back, Neck and Shoulders only

First appointment ¾ hour
Follow-ups ½ hour

I currently work from Lark Studio in Spexhall (Halesworth)
Manor House Practice in Beccles
and the Natural Health Centre in Woodbridge
email me for further details