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Trish Dent

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Ginger Compress Workshop

Friday 17th January 2pm - 4.30m
Phoenix Centre Barn Room, Dunwich
Come and join us for an afternoon of deep relaxation. A ginger compress is effective for all kinds of pains and stiffness: at this time of year, I find it particularly helpful in easing my lower back and softening the kidney area. This type of compress may ease the pain of many health problems, including arthritis, back pain, neck and shoulder pain and more. 
Working in pairs, I'll show you how the compress is prepared and applied. Don't worry if you come without a partner, there will be others in the same boat. The compress takes about 40 minutes, after which time you will be feeling warmed through and thoroughly relaxed. After the return treatment there will be tea and time to share and bring yourself back to the "here and now" to drive home safely.
This form of treatment is not suitable for those with high blood pressure, cancer or who are pregnant.
The cost will be £15. Booking is essential.
email me for details and booking