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Trish Dent

Friday, 8 July 2016

Fermentation for Gut Health

Our overall health and wellbeing is intricately connected to the health of our gut, and ultimately to the millions of healthy bacteria that reside there.
Eating fermented foods is a great way to help create good health in your gut.
And the best path is to ferment your own. Fermenting foods and drinks is easy, once you know how. It needn't involve specialist equipment or sterilization and the results taste fantastic, giving your tummy that "feel-good factor". 
Join my Wild Fermentation Class on Saturday 17th September: you'll get to understand how to ferment successfully and you'll create your own ferments to take home. The venue will be in Spexhall, near Halesworth, a charming corner of Suffolk near the Heritage Coast. Email me now for more information and to secure your place (more details also on Cooking Classes page, right).