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Trish Dent

Friday, 10 February 2012

Cooking Workshop, January

OK, I know it's Feb, but the cooking day that we did in January is still worth a mention!  Five of us had a great morning in the kitchen (pictured), discussing and preparing a fantastic meal.  It was a meal heavy on sea vegetables, which we cooked in many different ways, even in a dairy-free tofu cheesecake dessert which proved so popular that there was none left over.
We began with a fresh, live miso soup. Then onto an aduki bean stew, enriched with shiitake mushrooms and flavoured with rosemary, a little garlic, olive oil and  brown rice miso. We sat together to prepare rice balls encased in nori (that's the sea vegetable that is used in sushi). Early on, we had pressed a salad of cabbage with red radishes, and carrots were simmered with kombu then dressed with a touch of tamari. It was fun and feedback was positive: "loved it and looking forward to taking another!" was one comment.